5 Things to Know about your Frost Free Hose Faucet

When summer comes in the Akron area people are ready to get outdoors, wash cars, water gardens fill water balloons and enjoy the warmth. That’s where your hose faucet comes in so let’s get acquainted with this little gem.

  1. Notice it doesn’t say “freeze” proof faucet. Installed and used properly, you can leave water on to a frost free hose faucet all winter long without it freezing and bursting. A correct installation mean that the faucet is pitched downward slightly as it come through the wall. Proper use means that the hose is removed during the winter to let all the remaining water drip out. Very often we see frost-free hose faucets that have frozen and burst because they weren’t installed with the proper downward pitch.
  2. That cap on the top of the faucet isn’t just there for looks. That is the anit-siphon device. If your hose happen to be laying in some foul liquid (think dog urine or stagnant water) it could be potentially siphoned backwards into your homes drinking water. The anti-siphon device prevents that from happening.
  3. Our friend, the anti-siphon device, leaks. A lot. One of the most common repairs we make is to fix anti-siphon device leaks. If it leaks it’s not an emergency and you can still use the hose faucet but it should be fixed as soon as possible.
  4. A frozen and burst frost free hose faucet can flood your basement. Say it’s the first day of spring and you turn on your hose to wash the car. Everything may seem fine outside but inside the basement the burst pipe would be pouring water all over. It’s good idea to run the hose for a couple minutes and then check there no leaks in the basement.
  5. It’s pretty easy to relocate or add new frost free hose faucets. In fact, it’s even possible to have hot water hose faucets. A couple years back a customer in Norton wanted to extend the kiddie pool season for her grandchildren so we installed a Woodford hot/cold hose faucet and the grandchildren were able to play in the pool in late September!

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