A Water Heater that Detects Leaks

When’s the last time you went down the basement and looked in the utility room to see if there were any leaks? A few weeks… a few months… sometime in the 90’s? The majority of our leaking water heater calls come following a homeowner’s bi-annual trip to the basement only to find their floor soaking wet.

Yesterday that scenario played out with a customer in Stow.  As we discussed his water heater replacement options we covered the Floodmaster Water Heater Leak Alarm and Shut-Off System. We added it on to the install; the customer is thankful for the peace of mind it brings!
Here are our thoughts on this simple and brilliant piece of equipment.

How Does It Work

The Floodmaster valve is installed on the water heater’s cold water inlet. A water sensor is placed in a water heater pan or on the floor, connected to the unit on the cold inlet side. When the sensor detects a leak (gets wet) the solenoid closes a valve thereby shutting off the water coming into the water heater. A loud, audible alarm sounds alerts the homeowner that the sensor has been tripped.

The Pro’s

The device is very simple to install and works reliably each and every time. The audible alarm is quite loud, prompting a check of the racket in your basement.  Even you don’t hear the alarm, you’d figure out soon enough as there’ll be no hot water at the faucets. Big bonus: we can also wire the device to send a signal your homes alarm system.

The Con’s

The sensor “puck” you put on the floor is a bit too large to fit in most water heater pans so you have to buy a sensor “rope” which fits much better.  There’s a really loud alarm that might wake you up if you have a leak in the middle of the night!

The Bottom Line

We really like this product and truly recommend it, that is, if you’re concerned about flooding damage to your basement. There are several products that can help prevent flooding from water line leaks (including a unit that will shut off water to the entire house and send a message to your phone – thank you modern technology!). To schedule a quote or for more information regarding  on installing this device in you home just give us a call to schedule you in.