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What is a Sump Pump?

Sump Pump Definition + Tips

A sump pump is an injectable device that withdraws built-up water from sump basins, typically located in a home’s basement.

Why Homeowners Should Care About Sump Pumps

Basement flooding can cause extensive damage to your home. Sump pumps guard against flooding from rain and other cases of water infiltration. Flooding left unattended often leads to massive structural abnormalities, which quadruple the cost of the initial damages. 

How are Sump Pumps Used?

Sump pumps withdraw built-up water infiltration from your home’s basement. The pump rests in a basin (an open space on your basement floor) and uses valves to identify excessive water levels or pressure. Upon the valve triggering, the pump withdraws built-up water from the basement into the effluent and eventually to an area of drainage.

What is a Drainage Area?

Water from sump pumps streams towards a drainage area, most typically a dry well, but sometimes a pond or creek. The most important safety measure is ensuring drainage areas don’t allow water to seep back towards your foundation. You might invest in a hose extension to boost pump power and prevent complications.

Do Homes Require Sump Pumps?

Every home should have a sump pump, whether it’s prone to flooding or not. Water can infiltrate a home even in areas less susceptible to rain. Moisture infiltration can cause various health problems, including and most notably, upper respiratory infections. Homes with basements are particularly vulnerable to water damage, and having a sump pump is mandatory.

Do Sump Pumps Break?

Sump pumps often fail because of improper installation and aging. Novice installers usually mess up the insertions and end up costing themselves thousands in repairs. Aside from lousy contractor work, pumps also fail naturally after ten years of frequent usage. Signs of a broken pump include abnormal cycling and strange noises. 

Do Sump Pumps Require Maintenance?

A qualified plumber should inspect your pump annually, at a minimum. Most devices require extra attention, especially if their usage rate is relatively high. Homes with basements and those prone to moisture or flooding should attend to the pump every month. Call on a professional who will know to turn off the power before the inspection.


Since pumps dispose of water, they need regular cleaning. Professional cleaning makes sure that any debris gets removed from the pit and prevents malfunctions. A blockage can cause severe damage to your device.

Battery Backup

Depending on your pump type, your device may be prone to outages. Like any powered device, specific sump pumps can sustain power outages. A backup battery prevents flooding in cases when storms cause power outages. Pumps that run on water won’t need a backup power source (typically backup pumps), but most homes utilize a powered pump for best performance.

Mackin and Sons Plumbing Can Help

When a sump pump breaks down in Akron, Ohio, Mackin and Sons Plumbing can attend to your needs. We also provide maintenance services to prevent plumbing emergencies and save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. Flood protection is not something to ignore since it can cause various structural foundation problems in addition to frightening health issues. The good news is that our team can address any questions you might have.