Is there a Doctor in the House?

Today we saved a customer (we’ll call her Debbie) from drastic plumbing surgery on her shower faucet. We’re talking close to $1,000 with holes in the wall-level surgery. The diagnosis was a broken Delta shower handle with the added complication of corroded parts on the inside. Yikes!  Understandably, Debbie was worried. The faucet was pretty old and she thought we may have to replace the whole thing.  At times, this is necessary.  The entire fixture may need replaced – even requiring drywall work to cut behind the shower to replace pipes in the wall.  Again, expensive due to the time and labor intensive nature of this project.

Before I went down that road I pulled out my trustiest tool in my toolbox, my decades of experience, to determine if there are any other options. Luckily for this patient, there were plenty.

Understand that unlike some of the garbage found in your local big-box home improvement stores, most reputable faucet brands have excellent warranties and provide replacement parts free of charge to the customer. In this case we called Delta, worked with them to identify the faucet, and ordered the internal parts and new handle all under warranty. And because there is a chance the trim plate may be damaged during removal and re-installation, Delta opted to send us a brand new one.

We’re committed to service: treat the customers well and they’ll treat us well.  This customer was happy to wait a few days (for shipping) to have her shower faucet brought back to like new condition for a few hundred dollars instead of a messy – and expensive – complete faucet replacement.

We’ll still perform minor outpatient surgery… but her shower faucet will be back to 100% performance!  That’s the type of service we provide at Mackin & Sons Plumbing.  Give us a call today to have your plumbing repairs given the same type of expert-level treatment.