My Shower Isn’t Hot Enough!

Common query: “Is there anything you can do to make my shower hotter?”

We get this question so often we call it “TAD” (Temperature Adjustment Deficiency).

Typically, when we arrive at a customer’s home the first thing we do is turn on a sink faucet nearby. Without fail the water at the sink is steaming hot. And that’s when we know we’re dealing with case of TAD.

We trace back the problem to when the shower faucet was installed. Understand that ALL tub shower faucets have a safety device called a”high temperature limit stop” which, in all fairness, does a pretty good job at protecting you and your loved ones against scalding yourself. These devices are meant to be adjusted, however, all too often they’re installed hastily and your plumber doesn’t take the time to properly set these units.

Now the good news: there’s hope. TAD shouldn’t ruin your shower on cold winter Akron mornings. One call to the TAD Hotline and lukewarm showers are a thing of the past.

Let Mackin & Sons Plumbing help you embrace your new steaming hot morning shower.