My Water Takes Forever to Warm Up!

Waiting around just to wash your hands is wasting water and costing your money. A recent customer in Norton found she was wasting about 4 gallons per day waiting for hot water to get to the kitchen sink. National estimates state the average home wastes over 31 gallons a day and over 11,000 gallons a year waiting for hot water. That’s not just wasted water: that’s wasted money and wasted time.

Thankfully, we’re fanatics about solving problems and we offer a couple solutions to get you hot water in seconds. Under the right conditions we can install a gravity re-circulation from your water heater by adding a third water line. Only downside is you need to have a one story house with an unfinished basement or we’ll have to cut out some drywall. Major benefit? No electricity required for a pump as it works on gravity.

The solution we use in most homes is to retrofit a re-circulating system. This system uses the cold water supply line as the “return-line” to the water heater. A circulation pump placed at the water heater, combined with a thermostatically controlled valve mounted under the sink (or the point furthest from the water heater), creates a loop that provides nearly instant hot water.

Stop wasting your time, water, and money while you wait to hop in the shower or wash your hands. Think of all you could finish by not waiting around all day! You could get into work earlier. Or exercise. Or clean the house. Wash the dog.  Play with the kids.  Do your taxes.  …ok, I’ll stop!

To schedule an appointment to evaluate if a re-circulating system makes sense for your home just get in touch.