Our Five Most Expensive Toilet Repairs (and how to avoid them!)

out of order sign on toilet

What’s Going On?

Dealing with toilet problems is no fun and paying a plumber to come out can be a hassle. Hey, we love the work but we understand you’d rather spend that money on pretty much anything else! So, we’ve checked our records and talked to the Techs and here’s our five most expensive toilet repairs with a few tips on how to avoid them! 

Just Jiggle It – FREE  

The old loose handle is easy to fix but we don’t charge our customers a penny to fix it. Now, if the toilet handle is broken that’s a different issue but in most cases it can be tightened. The Fix: Just take a pair of pliers and tighten the nut on the backside of the handle, just inside the tank. But, take note, this nut tightens counterclockwise! 

The Run-a-Way Toilet –  $69 

Probably the most common, the flush seal keeps the water in the tank. This seal sits in the very center of the tank down at the bottom. When you flush the toilet this seal or flapper gets lifted up and the tank water rushes into the bowl, flushing it. A faulty flush seal causes small amounts of tank water to seep into the bowl. This causes your toilet tank to sporadically fill up and the noise in the middle of the night causes lots of interrupted sleep! The Fix: Put 5-10 drops of food coloring in the back of the tank and wait to see if food coloring seeps into the bowl. If it does, you’ve got a bad flush seal. Replacing the flush seal or flapper is pretty easy. The hard part is that it’s best to find the exact replacement for that toilet. We don’t have much success using those “universal” flappers you find at the big box stores. 

The Money Down the Drain Fill Valve – $119 

This one is fun because we get to save people literally hundreds of dollars a year by replacing a broken fill valve. The fill valve is on the left side of the tank and there’s a flexible tube that puts water into the tall vertical tub in the near the middle of the tank. If your fill valve won’t shut off and keeps running, that’s a ton of water that just gets wasted right down the drain! The Fix: To see if this is leaking, flush your toilet, take the lid off and wait for the water level to rise to the tub of the rough overflow tube. If the water level rises over the tube and starts pouring down it, you know you have a faulty fill valve. Short-term you can turn the toilet off down at the floor. Long-term, the fill valve needs to be replaced. 

The Mid Century Modern Rebuild – $200-$275 

There’s a lot of beautiful toilets (yes, plumbers think toilets can be beautiful) that may be quite old, and maybe even pastel green, but they are part of the style of the bathroom. We have a lot of customers, especially in the older parts of Akron that want to preserve that vintage look. So, we get to work tracking down rare parts, delicately taking the tank off the bowl so we can rebuild the entire inside of the tank. It’s a joy to see a classic back to working at 100%. The Fix: This one is better left to the pros.  

The Stuck Childrens Toy – $500+ 

We’ve seen it dozens of times. One of the children drops a toy down the toilet or a toothbrush gets knocked off the counter and down it goes. When this happens we alway try to retrieve the item with our specialized toilet cable but sometimes it’s just jammed in there tight. That’s when we have to pull the toilet off the floor and take it somewhere where we can flip it upside down to see if we can get the object out that way. And once we do that, many times it just makes sense to install a new toilet.