Three Reasons for a Professional Appliance Install

You’ve put a million miles on your car, spent hundreds of dollars on paper plates (and new underwear!), and wasted what seems like ages looking for the right refrigerator, washer, dryer (right color, size, features, recommendations, warranty).  There it is: you’ve tracked down the pristine model from Consumer Reports, got the extended warranty thrown in, and the store has a two day 10% off special!  The sky clears, the sun comes out… things are looking up now that your diatribe is over.  And yes! The Big Box Store says they can deliver it tomorrow and provide installation for a small fee.


The following three scenarios could cause violent, unlaced profanity leading to irrational outburst from even the most rational adults.

  1. Just recently a customer in Cuyahoga Falls – after waiting the better part of a week to have her new washer delivered – discovered that the appliance company would not install it because the laundry hose valves would not shut off. Her dirty laundry pile had to wait another day until we could get out there and replace the hose valves and properly install her washer. More than half the time you’re going to need a plumber because appliance “installation” companies won’t touch faulty water supply valves.
  2. Dishwashers are extremely difficult to install properly. Imagine this: the dishwasher requires a water connection, yes, but also an electrical connection and the drain connection… as well as physically mounting the unit to an adjacent counter top or cabinetry. There’s a lot that can go wrong here and we see it all the time.
    a) Dishwashers that wobble.
    b) Dishwashers that developed a leak at the door seam because they’re not completely level.
    c) Dishwashers that are so crooked it’s noticeable from across the room.
    d) Dishwashers that aren’t really attached to anything just because it was too difficult.
    Dishwashers are difficult to install properly, however, a qualified plumber can install a dishwasher properly the first time.
  3. You know one of the most common insurance loss claims we see? Completely ruined floors by your silent, hidden friend: your refrigerators ice maker.
    It may look simple yet connecting a small tube to the back of the refrigerator and pushing the refrigerator all the way to the wall, potentially crushing the tubing, happens quite frequently. Not long ago we had a customer who’s ice maker installation resulted in water all over the kitchen floor. The culprit? An installation company. With a little effort and expertise we were able to fix the problem and ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

It’s fun to get new appliances. It gives me a renewed sense of hope that I’ll actually have clean dishes and clean clothes! And while it doesn’t happen all the time, don’t let that fun be ruined by unqualified delivery folks who have no business installing appliances.  Call us at Mackin & Sons Plumbing for all your installation needs!