Time to End the Tail Light Warranty

Tonight I fixed a table lamp with blue electrical tape. Now what would a state- licensed, master plumber be doing repairing lamps? My wife thinks it looks nice; that’s reason enough. I was more inclined to chuck it into the trash bin. Maybe I should have saved the warranty information that came with it when we bought it from the dollar store.

Oh wait, it’s a piece of junk with no warranty that wasn’t built to last the car ride home from the store.

Thankfully, we’re not in the cheap table lamp business. We’re in the business of being true craftsman. But what does that really mean? For Mackin & Sons it means the work we do for our customers has to be up to a higher standard. A homes plumbing needs to perform reliably day in and day out. The leaks we fix must be fixed right, the first time. The things we install must stand up to daily use for years to come. If we fail in craftsmanship, leaks re-appear, carpets, ceilings and floors get ruined and we lose customers.

Saying you’re a craftsman is one thing, but it’s not enough. That’s why we back it up with our 5 Year Craftsmanship Warranty. On every job we do we promise our customer that if we’ve not done craftsmanship level work and something we touched leaks or breaks within 5 years we’ll come back and fix it for free.

I know our plumbers have down days. Even top-notch toilet and faucet manufacturers have QA issues. But we choose to make the promise and we stand behind it. It’s a win-win for everyone and a big part of the secret to our success: the customer has the peace of mind knowing we’ll come back to fix it. We get a daily opportunity to get better at what we do.

Think about it. There’s a huge difference between the plumber who knows his repair only has to last until the customer can’t see his tail lights as he drives off (true story – I actually had a customer who told me that!) versus our plumbers who know it has to last 5 years.

Craftsmanship. Quality. Pride in a job well done. Doing things the right way. These age old virtues seem to be lost in our modern age of cheapness and instant gratification (and cheap table lamps). At Mackin & Sons Plumbing it’s part of our mission to bring them back.