When Calling the Plumber Saves you $900

Customers call us frequently with a lot of questions about how we will fix things and how much it will cost. Understandable – we all want to know what we’re getting into before we commit. (think ordering food, replacing an alternator, marriage…) And with that commitment we’re all familiar with a certain amount of fear that creeps in when the homeowner has to call a plumber (or any in-home services company for that matter).

“Can they trust them?”
“Are their rates fair?”
“What if things go south?”

On the phone or over email we usually try to avoid answering too many questions. You say, “That seems a bit evasive!” however it’s actually for a very good reason.  It’s for you, our customer, and to protect you from worrying unnecessarily about your plumbing concern.

Case in point: recently we had a lady call who wanted to replace her roman tub faucet.  She was told by her handyman that it 1) could not be repaired and 2) had to be replaced. She called in, went to a local box store to look over styles, poured through the Moen and Delta faucet web pages in search of a new style… many hours of researching the right fit for her replacement faucet.  We even went as far as to special order a replacement faucet and brought the new fixture with us to do the job. While she was stressing about the expense and scope of the job we were emphasizing this fact:

there is no true way of knowing until we actually looked at the job.

Keep in mind, Roman tub faucets are not cheap. A good one retails for anywhere from $350-$500. Not to mention the actual work involves some pretty extensive repiping underneath the tub. All in all, she could’ve been looking at close to $1000 by the end of the day.   As our tech walked in the door carrying a very expensive Moen faucet everybody’s stress level was… high.  You could’ve wrapped yourself in its blanket.  However, after our lead plumber diagnosed the actual issue we concluded all the faucet needed was a simple repair. And better yet (why we always recommend going with a quality company like Moen or Delta), the part was under warranty.  Price tag for parts?  FREE.

A quick call to the manufacturer and a replacement was on its way. Once complete, the repair was a little over $100.

The moral of our epitome:  Don’t be too quick to make a diagnosis on your plumbing system.  In reality it’s a lot more complicated that many people think! And secondly, when you call Mackin & Sons Plumbing, rest assured if we defer to answer all your questions. In the end, we may have a $900 savings surprise for you too!